2018 Ford Fusion

The 2018 Ford Fusion is an amazing choice for your next vehicle. The sleek design, along with futuristic technology provides an amazing experience for users. The car is equipped with a few pretty nifty features.

?First, the Ford Fusion has an adaptive cruise control setting. When you set the car on cruise, you will also be asked to set a distance between other cars. When you do so, you no longer have to slow down when approaching a car ahead. The fusion will slow down if it approaches the set distance, even slowing to a stop. Once the car ahead…
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All-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive

All-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles remind most folks of the mountains, driving in the desert, or, poor driving conditions. In the past, this could be a pricey feature that would only be available on a few select vehicles. Times have changed considerably. Now, most manufacturers must remain highly competitive. Many times, adding AWD or 4WD as a reasonably priced feature is what sets them apart. Dean Arbour Ford of Tawas Inc. is happy to provide you with a quick overview of these features.

AWD works by sending power to each wheel as needed. This improves traction...
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What the 2019 Ford Focus Spy Shots Reveal

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Arial; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} Spy shots have been snapped of the 2019 Ford Focus, and they showcase a model likely to raise eyebrows and excite interest. Read on to find out why.
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Explaining the Ford Blind Spot Information System

Most drivers are aware that it is important to periodically check the blind spot area with your mirrors while driving. The blind spot is the area to the rear of your vehicle on either side where your mirrors cannot detect the presence of another vehicle.

The Ford Blind Spot Information System uses various sensors to detect another vehicle in the blind spot area. It will warn you if there is anything within ten feet of your vehicle. This is especially important if you are turning or changing lanes.

The Ford system is not intended to replace your good habit of…
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The 2018 Ford F-150: a Natural Choice for Truck of Texas

2018 Ford Shelby Baja F-150 Raptor 

Are we thrilled to announce that the 2018 Ford F-150 has been named Truck of Texas for the second consecutive year? Yep. Are we surprised? Nope. After you take its specs and features into account, you won’t be either.

The latest Ford F-150 outpaces the competition by offering:

  • Best-in-Class 13,200-Pound Maximum Towing Capacity
  • Best-in-Class 3,270-Pound Maximum Payload Capacity
  • Class-Exclusive Remote Tailgate Release
  • Class-Exclusive Integrated Tailgate Step with Lift Assist
  • Class-Exclusive Deployable Box Side Steps
  • Class-Exclusive Pro Trailer Backup Assist system

The 2018 Ford F-150: Truck of Texas of the Year

Truck of Texas is the most prestigious…

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Don’t Spoil the Fun of Food Travel This Holiday Season: Transport Your Food Safely

You may have traveled with food before and made a mess of either spilling it or crumbling it. In case, you want to go with food and visit your friends and family this holiday without fail. Here are the tips you should follow to avoid embarrassment while on the trip:

  • Have a helper to help you take care of the boxes in the back seat. Placing the boxes on the laps is a safer way of ensuring that the food does not spill.
  • Wrap your dishes with towels or newspapers to act as insulators and keep the food at the…
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2018 Ford Super Duty Body Styles, Bed Lengths, Trim Levels, and Engines


The 2018 Ford Super Duty presents drivers with a wide range of:

  • Body Styles
  • Bed Lengths
  • Trim Levels
  • Engine Options
  • Towing and Payload Specs

Such a generous selection of options may feel overwhelming at first, but it provides the opportunity to craft a heavy-duty truck around your own precise needs and wants.

Cab Styles and Box Lengths

Whether you want to focus on carrying cargo in the truck bed or if you prioritize passenger…

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All-New 2018 Ford Explorer Offers Top-Tier Capacity

Impress your family and friends when you zoom home in the 2018 Ford Explorer. The updated Explorer SUV offers a variety of enhancements, including a platinum interior designed to elicit the occasional ooh and ahh. Ford doesn't consider the new Ford Explorer to be the ultimate driving machine without a good reason, which is why it features a micro-perforated interior and inserts amongst many additional design accents.

The exterior of the Ford Explorer also has a satin-chrome finish that is designed to be a strikingly beautiful compliment to this vehicle.

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