All-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive

All-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles remind most folks of the mountains, driving in the desert, or, poor driving conditions. In the past, this could be a pricey feature that would only be available on a few select vehicles. Times have changed considerably. Now, most manufacturers must remain highly competitive. Many times, adding AWD or 4WD as a reasonably priced feature is what sets them apart. Dean Arbour Ford of Tawas Inc. is happy to provide you with a quick overview of these features.

AWD works by sending power to each wheel as needed. This improves traction and ultimately, you'll be able to handle the vehicle much easier in unpleasant driving conditions. 4WD sends power to all the wheels all the time. The feature can often be turned off on many models. This is a great feature for those concerned with fuel costs. Dean Arbour Ford of Tawas Inc. would like the opportunity to show you the difference. Stop by or give us a call to schedule you to take a test drive today.
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