Find Out How to Save When Acquiring Your Next Car: Leasing

Leasing a vehicle has some very clear benefits over buying for a certain group of customers. Those who either do not have the cash on hand to make a sufficient down payment on a new car or those who are not going to drive their vehicle great distances every month will also benefit hugely from the reduced payments involved in leasing a vehicle.

The up-front costs between leasing versus buying may seem like night and day. A typical lease will allow the lessee to drive off the lot in a new car for as little as a couple hundred dollars. Compare this to the cost of driving away when buying the same car on a loan, the costs of which can often run into the thousands of dollars.

But leasing is not the best option for everyone. Come into our Ford dealership in Tawas City, MI and talk with our friendly staff today about which option is right for you.

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